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The Webmaster is Carl Fedrowisch, a computer technologist who recently returned from the Silicon Forest of Oregon, to Bonfouca where he grew up. Presently he is building websites, researching and writing history books about Bonfouca.
He can be contacted at [email protected].

The Early History of Bonfouca by Carl Fedrowisch

The Early History of Bonfouca
This chronology covers from the prehistoric migrations of Native Americans before the formation of Lake Pontchartrain, to the stories of the earliest Creole settlers. Filled with pictures and maps, a comprehensive chronology is included.

Bonfouca produced two of the most famous Creole American poets, Dominique and Adrien Rouquette. Adrien became a famous Catholic Indian missionary, known as Chahta-Ima to his beloved Chacta of Bayou Lacombe.
Now available in Limited Numbered Editions
Wild Flowers by Adrien Rouquette Wild Flowers

Adrien's English Poetry
These poems were published in 1848, before Pere Rouquette became the missionary Chahta-Ima.

The following are translated works are also available as part of
The Bards of Bonfouca Creole Translation Program
Les Savanes
Adrien Rouquette
Creole & English.
Savanes by Adrien Rouquette
Adrien's first book of poetry, published in 1841, now bilingual.

Poetic works by
Dominique Rouquette
Creole & English Version
Meschacebeenes translation by Carl Fedrowisch
Dominique finds fame in Paris 1839, with his first book, extolling the beauty of America and his beloved Mississippi.

Carl also is also a graphic artist.
Chahta-Ima Praying by Carl Fedrowisch
Chahta- Ima Praying 2004

And a nature photographer.
Fleur du Lac by Carl Fedrowisch
Pelican Del Sol by Carl Fedrowisch
Fallen Tree by Carl Fedrowisch
Scenes from the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, near Bonfouca, La.

The Bards of Bonfouca Creole Translation Program
During the course of research, translations of Adrien and Dominique Rouquette were produced. These translations are imperfect and are works in progress, though they are understandable and reveal the esscence of these Creole poets.
Now available, as is, with no guarantees of translation accuracy, these books offer the Creole student a useful workbook and insight into the minds of the Rouquette's for the layman.
In order to improve these translation, we encourage readers to register to share their translation knowlege in the
The Bards of Bonfouca Creole Translation Program. Members will be part of effort to perfect translations and promote Open Source distribution of these major works free to the public.
Please contact Carl at [email protected]

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